Media Release:
3 July 2014

Pretium Chronic Disease Management and Clinical Research join forces with IPN Medical Centres and Sonic Clinical Services Companies

Clinical Research

Benefit from rapid start-up and clinical trial recruitment with Australiaís largest network of investigators and sites.

Pretium supports your research efforts from study design to execution:

• Site selection and Feasibility
• Project and Site Management
• Study Coordinator provision
• Patient Recruitment Activities
• Vendor Management
• Protocol development
• Call centre services
• Referrals to Specialist centres

How we do it:

• Largest network with over 230 primary care centres across Australia
• Largest provider of community health services
• Access to over 1,800 GPs
• 70% of Australians live within 10km of our centres
• Centralised electronic medical records

Therapeutic area experience:

• Respiratory disease
• Diabetes and metabolic disorders
• Cardiovascular disease
• Infectious disease
• Menís and womenís health
• Other diseases treated in primary care

What makes us different:

1. Successful Study Management
2. Recruitment at Pretium Sites
3. Impact of Pretium SNC on Recruitment
4. Impact of Pretium SNC
5. Rapid Start-up
6. Comprehensive Feasibility

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