Media Release:
3 July 2014

Pretium Chronic Disease Management and Clinical Research join forces with IPN Medical Centres and Sonic Clinical Services Companies

Market Intelligence

A thorough understanding of market dynamics and economic pressures is key to developing successful launch and market entry strategies.

Pretium's experienced team of qualified health professionals can undertake market research with primary health care providers, payers, key opinion leaders and advisory boards to inform potential market positioning. Pretium undertakes epidemiological studies to quantify disease incidence and prevalence in the population and conduct clinical and economic literature reviews and analyses. We asess competitor, pricing and economic pressures impacting a product to develop a value message and market models.

By combining these analyses and data sources, we can develop a value message for your product and determine market access strategies aimed at getting your product to market sooner. Entry into markets through development of access schemes and product familiarisation programs can also be informed through intelligence project.

Pretium's own Drug Tracker database draws data together from PBAC recommendations, PBS listing and regulatory recommendations. The database includes sponsor names, drug names, PBS codes, brand names, strength and types of drugs, ATC codes and additional product by product detail to enable trends in PBS listing to be analysed.

Pretium provides a number of Market Intelligence services:

- Market Evaluation and Positioning
- Data Analysis and Market Models

- Primary and Secondary Research

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