Media Release:
3 July 2014

Pretium Chronic Disease Management and Clinical Research join forces with IPN Medical Centres and Sonic Clinical Services Companies

Health Economics

Health economics and health technology assessment (HTA) are necessary services designed for securing reimbursement and pricing negotiation, market assessment, strategy development, price defence and ongoing marketing support in this increasingly complex and price sensitive environment.

Pretium's tailored health economic HTA services can help you obtain listings, achieve appropriate indications and receive desired reimbursement levels with effective PBAC and MSAC submissions. Pretium has extensive experience conducting PBAC and other health technology assessment submissions in all key disease areas. We offer the necessary multidisciplinary skills: clinical, economic and statistical, to conduct clinical reviews, meta-analyses and build economic models to support reimbursement applications and price defence strategies.

Pretium can prepare all the requisite components of reimbursement submission dossiers.

Pretium offers services designed to assist companies to negotiate and defend brand price premiums. Price modelling and sensitivity analysis can be used to develop the most appropriate evidence-based pricing strategy.

Pretium can also develop interactive models for use in promoting pharmaceuticals and conveying your health economic arguments to broader audiences.

- Epidemiology, Burden of Illness and Literature Reviews
- Pricing, Reimbursement and Economic Modelling

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