Media Release:
3 July 2014

Pretium Chronic Disease Management and Clinical Research join forces with IPN Medical Centres and Sonic Clinical Services Companies

Disease Management

Disease management programs are designed to improve health outcomes through the effective delivery of evidence-based clinical and behavioural interventions.

Disease management initiatives can range from general disease education for health care professionals to carefully targeted and tailored interventions for patients. Programs may include screening, assessment, monitoring and ongoing education of patients to improve awareness, confirm diagnosis, facilitate appropriate use of medicines, improve compliance and persistence, and patient self-efficacy. The Pretium team will work with you to understand your objectives and customise a disease management program that will help achieve the results you desire.

Our Disease Management programs include:

Nurse and health care provider teams
Compliance and persistence programs
Health assessment, screening and education programs
RACGP QI&CPD clinical audits and active learning modules
RCNA endorsed nurse education programs

• Patient support programs including telephone nurse support

Pretium utilises nurses and health care professionals to effectively design and deliver disease management, screening and education programs.

Disease management initiatives may include the development of an intervention plan and customised content to be delivered to patients through a variety of medium (face-to-face, telephone, email, SMS, print). Pretium can manage the entire project from program design to nurse team recruitment and implementation, through to analysis and publication.

A variety of disease management initiatives can be designed to meet your objectives:

- Nurse/Health Care Professional programs
- Adherence and patient support programs
- Quality use of medicines programs

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