Media Release:
3 July 2014

Pretium Chronic Disease Management and Clinical Research join forces with IPN Medical Centres and Sonic Clinical Services Companies

Pretium is a market leading provider of health management programs and clinical studies for the biopharmaceutical and health care industries in Australia. Pretium and Sonic Clinical Services provide a range of national healthcare services, with an expanded ability to partner and provide comprehensive, innovative solutions.

Our team includes highly qualified professional staff with experience in medicine, nursing, behavioural health, clinical research, chronic conditions management, health care provider and patient education and support. Our services incorporate feasibility, program design, implementation and ongoing project management through to the successful achievement of targets. Pretiumís experience and operational expertise translate into results you can rely on. With over a decade of experience in Australia, Pretium provides services in four key areas:

Pretium undertakes projects in four areas
- Market Intelligence
- Health Economics
- Clinical Research
- Disease Management

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